On-Site Venue Manager


We are often asked about the difference between an On-site Venue Manager and an Event Coordinator.  While our end goal is always the same (to keep our client happy), an on-site venue manager and event coordinator specialize in two very different aspects of your event.  An on-site manager’s job is to focus on the property, and your event coordinator should focus on you!  You should never have one without the other to ensure the quality and success of your event.


An event coordinator’s job is to assist you, their client, with everything from hiring your vendors, negotiating contracts, planning your itinerary, seating arrangements, décor, managing your budget, and ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible.  Just as your coordinator is there to represent you, our on-site venue manager is there to represent the property.  We know all the city rules regarding hosting your event at our property.  We make sure that vendors understand the rules, and handle all issues that a venue may face.

To illustrate, here is a sample day in the life of a location manager at The Cottages at Temecula Creek.

In the morning of your event (wedding), the on-site manager arrives early before any vendors to do a walkthrough of the property and make note of any last minute needs.  They check the restrooms, post signs, and set up the bridal suite for your wedding (often with a bottle of champagne and glassware for the bridal party).   When vendors arrive, the on-site manager is there to guide vehicles to various areas of the property.  The on-site manager understands your schedule and timing of your day.  They make sure each vendor that steps foot on the property is insured and has signed our vendor agreement.  The on-site manager will let you know if you may need a generator, or if there is enough power at the property for your band or additional lighting.  The on-site manager works with your event coordinator to see that the dining tables, cocktail tables, bar, etc. are arranged according to your planner’s diagram.  Your event coordinator and the venue manager will work together to come up with a solution to any layout issues.

Once the party begins, responsibilities of the event staff include anything from monitoring and restocking the bathrooms to cleaning up spills.  The venue manager will also put out any “fires” that come up regarding the venue.

Toward the end of the event, the on-site manager will make sure that the DJ or band ends their set by the time specified by city noise regulations (10pm).  When the event has finished and all guests have left, the vendors will check out with the on-site manager at the end of the night to be sure they cleaned up their belongings, removed all trash, and leave the property.  They will be the last person at the event.

Final Thoughts

Your venue is one of the most important parts of your event.  Our on-site manager will work diligently to ensure that your event is a success.  We have managed countless events and know everything there is to know about our location.  Let a coordinator take care of you, and our manager take care of the venue.  It will give you peace of mind, and a wonderfully successful event!